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Blueprints of Sir Michael

ISBN-10: 1449092640
ISBN-13: 978-1449092641

London, England, welcomes a thirteen-Grammy winner and the "King of Pop." Michael Joseph Jackson chooses the 02 Arena for fifty performances in July 2009, with ticket sales reaching 1.5 million dollars within a few weeks. Worldwide fans are waiting to get a glimpse of this talented and sometimes controversial singer, dancer, producer, and actor. Jackson, often called the most powerful performer in the universe, secures music brilliance through the sales of 104 million copies of Thriller. How did he create a style allowing the world to see him, thus generating over a billion dollars for the recording industry? He is shy, but can be demanding at times. He is accepting and warm. He is candid in interviews, perhaps too frank. He believes in sharing, yet relationships have been a challenge for him. The question remains: who is this native of Gary, Indiana - this African American male, rich with talents? J. Moffett Walker believes you and others want to know about Michael the individual and how he moonwalked all the way to the top. Blueprints of Sir Michael, a resourceful yet creative book, provides new information about this world superstar.

Reader Reviews:

"J. Moffett Walker takes us deep in the heart of Gary, Indiana, a mill town of the Midwest. She writes with acuity and intelligence, and precisely tells the story of Michael Jackson as no one else has done. Through research, interviews and firsthand, she weaves together absolutely compelling stories of the Jacksons' stay in the steel city. Walker carefully portrays the human spirit as she moves MJ from a young child to a talented young man. Blueprints of Sir Michael is a must read."
Mary - Gary, Indiana



The Powerful Web of Kinfolk

ISBN-10: 1413794165
ISBN-13: 978-1413794168

Do you want a happy family? A happy family is almost everything! But happiness within families doesn't exist accidentally. The Powerful Web of Kinfolk shows how to develop and maintain family relationships that lead to understanding. J. Moffett Walker says functioning families are the results of joint efforts. All families will experience situations that can divide relatives and cause explosions. There is no need to travel that road. Her credits include Church Folk and Muh. Now this certified counselor writes a self-help non-fiction. She knows about the unnecessary pains one experiences from negative interactions. "Sometimes," she says, "the individual may be unaware of hurting another." J. Moffett Walker, in her third book, provides an easy-to-read guide about keeping the family harmoniously together. The book concentrates on everyday living while building positive relationships through short- and long-range planning.


Church Folk

ISBN-10: 0759610517
ISBN-13: 978-0759610514

Inspiring and thought provoking, discover what happens to Rev. Leroy Jamison, new pastor, and his divided congregation. Is he equipped to unite the flock, or does he scatter God's sheep?

The Mississippi I Love

E-BookTime, LLC
ISBN-10: 1598246593
ISBN-13: 978-1598246599

The Mississippi I Love is state history written in verse. Poems give tribute to some persons whose lives and works have exemplified the Mississippi pride and love for the state and America. Mississippi history is also told in verse about places dear to the people of the state. Readers will enjoy pictures about people and places in this unique volume.

Muh's Cookbook


Muh's Cookbook: Recipes 1930 & Before

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Are there any recipes you wish you had written down , but you waited too late? Muhís Cookbook: Recipes 1930 and Before has recipes of cakes, candies, and cookies, ice cream and sherbet, icing, fillings, sauces, marinades, dressings and pastries.

You will find meat and cheese dishes; pies, salads and vegetables dishes.

Besides the recipes, Muhís Cookbook: Recipes 1930 and Before gives information about the history of potatoes and corn. The book is based on the recipes J. Moffett Walkerís mother learned in her Cooking l and Cooking II classes at Tougaloo College in Jackson, Mississippi, where she attended from 1926 to 1930. Her first entry in the notebook, J. Moffett Walker has, shows September 28, 1928. Her motherís last entry, Recipe for Good Disposition, was May 23, 1930, the last day of class.




Books may be ordered for $15.00 plus $2.00 for shipping
Contact J. Moffett Walker at threesons333@aol.com

Muh tells the life story about a beloved mother joining countless others on a tedious journey. She coasts along, downward, swaying back and forth, on a bumpy one-way roller coaster. Uniquely through, her speed is much less than thousands on other roller coasters like the one she rides. Muh realizes quickly, that she is aboard, a coaster without stops, only its destination. Peeping through the windows as the machine moves up and down, Muh sees that she cannot justifiably jump off. This novel shows how one family cared for their mother with Alzheimerís.

Earth Angel


Earth Angel

Bookstand Publishing
ISBN-10: 1618633821
ISBN-13: 978-1618633828

Earth Angel opens with a tragedy as Angel begins her pharmacy career in Chicago, Illinois. Her life suddenly ends in a wrongful-death automobile accident on the 86th toll road entrance ramp when a confused motorist tries to make an exit. Kathy and Mike, her parents, are devastated about losing their twenty-four-year-old daughter who had done everything for which any parent could wish. She passes her state boards in the first sitting. Attorneys handling the wrongful-death case mislead the couple and dump it a few weeks before the status of limitation expires. The second attorney says, "conflict of interest" is the reason. This attorney promises to file the case within the few days he holds it, but he fails them too. He advises Mike and Kathy to file a legal mal-practice and include him. Although difficult to find, the parents locate a legal mal-practice attorney, but shortly after acceptance, he finds an unusual reason to quit. Why? Earth Angel's readers will experience how Mike and Kathy deal with their daughter's death including not one, not two, but three non-physical deaths. The surprise conclusion of Earth Angel presents interesting and informational reading.